How I use my watch as a productivity tool

How to use a watch to focus better and get more things done

After many years of relying only on my phone to check the time, I finally got a watch! I always thought I didn’t need one, as you know, who still wears a watch nowadays? Just kidding, who DOESN’T wear a smartwatch or a Fitbit today? Not me! ‘Cause I just got an old style Casio […]

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3 Simple time management hacks that work when nothing else does

Although we all know the importance of time and time management, not all of us is successful in doing it. If you feel like you have tried everything without success, here are 3 tips and tools that will help you to better manage your time and develop more discipline in time management. So, these are 3 […]

How to get ready faster and save time in the morning

Are you always in a rush in the morning? How can you get ready faster and save time so you can start the day the right way? In the morning many of us are in hurry, either because we love sleeping and nothing can wake us up (for sure not our alarm, but neither our […]