Hi! Nice to have you here!

I’m Lea and this is Unlock your Light.

I’m passionate about learning new stuff and discovering new ways to improve myself and my life! I like to think of myself as a lifelong student of Life 😉

My ambition is to live the best life I can ever live. Wich is a life with purpose and love.

Here’s a glimpse of myself!

I live in the beautiful city of Rome Italy, but my roots come from the Pearl of the Orient Seas, the Philippines Islands!

These are the things I can’t live without:

My planner

Once I discovered the power of planning, I couldn’t leave home without it anymore!

Good books

I love love love reading books that deliver high-quality contents that can change my life.

Good company

Who needs many “friends” who don’t value you, can’t understand you or help you to grow? I just need these few people that can really impact my life, listen to me with an open heart and speak with love and encouragement.


Papers and colors

I love writing my thoughts and sketching. It’s so relaxing and creative! Who knows what can come out of it?

My Bible

Don’t be turned off! There’s so much wisdom in there, just try with the book of Proverbs and see it yourself 😉

A beautiful journey

This is a place where I share what I’ve learned in my journey from being a shy and insecure girl into becoming a woman who knows her purpose and lives life with boldness.

This blog is for like-minded people who want to grow, become their best version each day, and as a result, start a change in the world.

This journey is a life-long process, so you are welcomed to share your thoughts and tips too 😉 We will learn together! You with me, me with you.

Let’s be travel buddies of this beautiful journey called Life!

What is Unlock your Light?

It is a blog about self-development, lifestyle, health, beauty and much more! Here, I share tips on how to live your life with excitement and in a smart way. This is a blog for the modern and smart girl, but also for anyone who wants to learn something new! So, you’re always welcome here!

For me,

Living is an art, and Life is the masterpiece that comes out of it.

Why Unlock your Light?

Simply because…..

There’s a light inside of you that has to shine!

Everyone has a light inside and we were all created to glow.

Girl, stop covering your light and let it shine!

Remember: You are Beautiful, Strong and Smart!

The reason behind this blog.

The vision for this blog is to help whoever has the desire, to grow and get closer to the life they want to live, wich is a life with purpose and worth living.



Find your spark, give it fuel, and let your light shine!

Be blessed!

Lea <3