How to use a watch to focus better and get more things done

How I use my watch as a productivity tool

After many years of relying only on my phone to check the time, I finally got a watch!

I always thought I didn’t need one, as you know, who still wears a watch nowadays? Just kidding, who DOESN’T wear a smartwatch or a Fitbit today? Not me! ‘Cause I just got an old style Casio and it’s soooo smart!

I always had my phone with me, but since my beloved Huawei died last November, I had to get a new smartphone, which it happened to be a 5.2 screen smartphone! It’s huge! I love that the battery lasts for about two days, but it’s also uncomfortable to keep the baby in jeans my pockets. So, I decided that I needed to get a watch, finally!

I wanted somethinging very lightweight and that looked good on my tiny wrist. I went on Amazon and after looking at some affordable watches, I found THE ONE!

It’s gold and tiny, and although I saw many people here in Italy wearing the silver model, I didn’t see anyone with a gold one yet (for sure there are, I just didn’t noticed them before).

“Time is gold” went immediately on my mind. It was perfect. IT HAD TO BE MINE!

So now, thanks to Amazon, here it is!

I absolutely love it!

Besides the beautiful color, the vintage style and the affordable price, what really won me over were its plus features that traditional watches don’t have. In other posts (click here and here to check them out) I shared how I use some everyday tools to manage my time better and to boost my productivity, well, this watch is everything I need now to do all of this anytime and anywhere!

What are these features?

The Alarm

I love that Casio’s digital watches give you the possibility to set an allarm. It’s a soft beeping alarm, subtle but persistent, so it wakes me in the morning without startling me 😉

The Timer

The feature I’m most excited about is the timer! I use it for almost anything and it really changed my time management. This is my new and forever timer!

When do I use it? Almost anytime!

  • when I want to use the Pomodoro technique and I can’t use my phone for any reason
  • when I’m in a rush and I need to set a time to get ready faster
  • when I need to accomplish something I would rather bypass like decluttering my room
  • to set a time limit for any activity that I enjoy too much (like watching a video or procrastinating in general )
  • when I’m cooking! (Have you ever left the kitchen to do something else and forgot you had something on the stove? Or, am I the only Asian girl that forgets the rice and burns it?!)

Did I already say that I love it? It is a life saver for me 😀

Hourly beep

Another feature that made me fall in love with this watch is that it beeps every hour! It’s like my mom. Always reminding me that I’m  late! From the moment I wake up to when I have to fall asleep, I’m already late. For my mom time is literally liquid gold dripping in the sink,  and when I and my sister procrastinate, (in her eyes) we are wasting our family estate.


Casio watches have also the stopwatch feature. If you’re a runner, you can just use this watch to measure your times, or you can use it to measure an activity and see how long it takes you to get done so you can manage your time better next time.


Believe me or not, I just discovered now (while I’m editing this post) that it has also the calendar! (Maybe I just forgot it has it) What a  surprise! I always forget today’s date! You keep surprising me Casio!


This watch really stole my heart! I think any digital watch from Casio has these features, and some also have a light so you can check the time at night. If you are a girl that needs a functional and pretty watch and you don’t like the Fitbit or any Smartwatch like me, I can only recommend you this watch!

(Disclaimer: I’m not sponsored by the company that produces the watch, I bought it with my own money and for my own use, and I sincerely like it)

Did I convince you to buy the watch? Yes? No? Anyway, if you want to know more creative ways to manage your time, check these other posts! 3 Simple time management hacks that work when nothing else does and How to get ready faster and save time in the morning.

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