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As a young adult, I know how challenging it can be to prove yourself to the world. “Adults” always think they know better than us, and we do think the same with who’s younger than us too! Most of the time it is true, but we can give our good contribution to the society and the world as well as everyone else. We only need to earn the adults’ respect!

So, here are a few things I learned and applied while growing up that gave me a good reputation and gained me the respect of the adults around me 😉

  how to be respected by adults, young adults, adulting, respect, be respected,

It starts at a young age

I’m so blessed that I’ve been considered a mature girl since I was a teen. People older than me have always respected me and valued my opinion and I’m really flattered that they do!

I’m not saying these things to brag about myself, but I realized that not all my peers are treated the same way. It’s so easy to be taken as immature, naive and unreliable at age 16-25, and I’m beyond grateful that my adults value me as their equal.

I have to thank my parents for the way they raised me as they gave me a good foundation to become the person I am now (and will be).

I believe that anyone can gain (or lose) people’s respect regardless of their age, but the younger you start being a person worthy of respect, the easier and better it will be for you in the future.

Don’t lie

The best way you can mess up and lose someone’s trust and respect is by telling lies. Avoid it as much as possible as it becomes a habit very easily. It’s like smoking, you start with one thinking that you can stop at any moment, then years pass and it just get harder to stop.

People that tell lies can’t be trusted. Period.

Take serious things seriously

Don’t laugh at serious problems, even though they may be a little funny at first. It’s childish. Serious stuff and subjects are to be taken seriously and with respect.

Do what is asked you to do…

I struggled with this too. I had the habit to procrastinate and postpone things my mom asked me to do, this really annoyed her.

If you want to be taken seriously, do what is asked you to do when they ask you. Procrastinating will make you forget it and, consequently, make you look like an unreliable person.

… and do them well

Don’t do things just to do them, do them well as you would do it for yourself or someone you want to impress. They will 🙂

Acknowledge your mistakes and don’t try to find excuses

Stop making excuses. If anything happens, just say sorry and admit that you made a mistake and take your responsibility. Admitting your own fault will actually make you more likable than someone who always finds a way out or never does a mistake (don’t make it a habit, though).

Ask for advice and opinions

I know, it’s hard to ask someone else’s advice and opinion. We want to prove to the world that we are mature and wise enough to do it on our own without other people’s help. But, asking other’s opinions about important things will save you mistakes you could have avoided.

Another great thing about asking advice from older people is that it forms and strengthens bonds. They will feel helpful and important to you, and they will appreciate your humbleness in asking them.

Accept correction

Nobody likes to be corrected, but it’s a normal and important part of life that helps us to grow as a person. And this is a great way to accept a correction without being hurt: don’t take corrections personally. This way it won’t hurt your ego.

Instead, ask what was wrong and how you can improve.

Show appreciation

My first employer taught me the importance of showing appreciation. We all need to be appreciated.

Show your appreciation and thankfulness any time you have the chance to without exaggerating, as it will sound artificial and fake. Just saying thank you every time someone does something good shows your humbleness and gratitude.

Gratitude wins the world’s respect.

Do things for other people

Volunteer, do some charity work and be generous with your talents. This is the first way you can introduce and promote yourself and what you can do to the world. Just remember, as we said before, any time you have to do something for others (but also for yourself of course) give your best! There’s nothing worse than volunteering for something and then leaving a bad impression.

Just remember, as we said before, any time you have to do something for others (but also for yourself of course) give your best! There’s nothing worse than volunteering for something and then leaving a bad impression.

Use your money wisely and start saving if you can

If you are a teen, start to make some money on your own, or save the money you receive from your parents. Learn how to set a budget and manage your money wisely. This will prove your parents and the people around you that you are reliable and responsible with money and resources in general.

Help at home

Not everyone likes doing house chores, but the very first place your maturity is proven is in your home with your parents. Help them when they ask you, or even better, just do it by your own will. You’ll see how they will look at you in a different light 😉

Mean what you say  and do what you say

Don’t say things just to say anything, people remember what you say!

We all know that someone that anytime he or she speaks, we think “Whatever!”. I personally don’t want to be that kind of person, neither you.

Stand for and live what you believe in

If you believe in something (God, justice, law, integrity), act, behave and live according to your beliefs. It’s so funny and ridiculous when people say they believe or represent something, and yet do the total opposite.

Don’t change your mind too easily and too fast

Changing mind too often or easily is a sign of inconsistency and insecurity. People need to know that they can trust you and rely on you in the long term.

Don’t depend on others too much

Learn to be independent and self-sufficient. It doesn’t mean to separate yourself totally from your parents if you can’t afford it right now, but don’t be a burden to others or too clingy or needy.

Learn how to take care of yourself. If you can’t help yourself, you’ll more likely be seen as a possible trouble and ball and chain.

Be prudent

People that are careless and don’t have any sense of danger are dangerous themselves. As young people, we are more adventurous, but sometimes it’s also true that we take things too lightly and easy than they really are.

Be balanced, study the situation carefully and take account of any possible setback. Show them that you know what you are doing.

Don’t waste most of your time on social medias and video games

Unless you work with social media or you create video games, avoid spending most of your time in front of a screen. There are many other things that are more important and urgent than checking the latest notification or breaking another record of a video game.

Real life is outside the screen, and let’s be real, if you spend most of your time playing or watching videos, you’ll be likely considered still a child no matter your age.

Respect other’s and their opinions

Maturity is also seen by how you treat others. Respect them and respect their opinions, don’t force what you want and don’t act as easily offended. You have the right to say what you think, and they do as well.


These are some things you can do to gain the respect of adults and of people in general. I addressed it mainly to young people as it is better to learn these things earlier in life, but the truth is that also many adults can improve their reputation by applying them. We all can learn and improve ourselves!

(Dedication: Thank you, mom and dad, for giving us great examples to follow, you tried your best and you did an amazing job in raising me and my sister <3 We’re so proud of you!)

How about you, how did you gain your parents’ respect? Ask them how you won them and tell me 😉

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Xoxo, Lea.

how to be respected by adults, young adults, adulting, respect, be respected,

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