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Happy Saturday morning! Weekend is finally here!

What do you like to do on weekends?

Do you usually sleep until 12? Do you stay in your pajamas the whole day while watching a movie and eating junk foods? Then you suddenly realize that it’s Sunday night and that tomorrow is Monday again!

Or maybe this is the only time you have to do your household chores, or you still work even on weekends.

How can you enjoy your weekends and still make them productive?

Rest in a creative way

You don’t only need to rest, you have to.

To live a healthy and creative life you need some recreational time for both your mind and body. Not resting would mean reducing your potential to accomplish the great things that are awaiting you.

Find your balance.

Don’t waste your day by staying in bed and binge-watching Netflix or Youtube videos. Instead, use this time to advance your life and make your life and your coming week easier and more successful.

And if you’re a workaholic, it’s time to set some boundaries! Don’t miss special moments and memories you can create with your family and friends. Years just pass by too fast and they won’t come back!

Don’t wake up at 12

Many people take advantage of the weekend to sleep till noon as a sort of revenge for their sleep deprivation during the week. Oversleeping during the weekends won’t restore the hours of sleep and it won’t really benefits you.

Instead, start to develop a healthy habit of sleeping by going to sleep and waking up at the same hour every day and sleeping at least 7 hours per night. You can add an hour or an hour and a half of extra sleep during the weekends, but don’t overdo.

Waking up too late won’t make you enjoy your day any better, it would rather make your day and your weekend much shorter! Have you ever felt that weekends were too short? Maybe this is the reason why.

Have a rich breakfast

During the week most people can’t really enjoy their breakfast or their morning as everybody is chasing time.

Make something special that you usually can’t have during the week and plan a special breakfast time with your family or some friends.

You can make this the perfect opening ritual for your weekend!

Do you want to know other ways you can kick-start your day? Check this out!

Plan the week ahead

A simple thing you can do that will prepare your coming week for success is to plan it. Your plan will be the roadmap you’ll just have to follow with small adjustments on the way.

It can take as less than 10 minutes to plan all your appointments and organize your tasks, or you can invest more time to plan almost anything for a stress-free week. Plan and prepare ahead as much as you can so you’ll have a calmer and more organized week. Read on for more ideas 🙂

Prepare your outfits

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Do you just wear anything you find? Or maybe you are a fashionista! If you like dressing up you know how time-consuming can it be to put together a good outfit.

Cut your time by simply preparing your outfits in advance.

You can make it a fun weekend activity by turning it into a small fashion show afternoon! Do it with your sister or mom, or invite some friends so you can also borrow pieces of clothes from each other 😉 Have fun!

Check also HOW TO GET READY FASTER AND SAVE TIME IN THE MORNING for more hacks and tips on how you can get ready faster.

Meal prep your week

Decide what you want to eat during the week and have a cooking session. Again, doing it together with someone is much funnier!

If you have to do it alone, watch a good movie, a podcast or listen to an audiobook so time will go faster.

For ideas and inspirations, do a research. The web is full!

Or, just make a healthy grocery

If you don’t have time cooking, have an idea of what you want to eat and make a list of the ingredients you need to buy. Then, organize your fridge and stick your menu for the week and the recipes on it, or make a special binder for them 😉

You can take another step forward by cleaning and cutting your veggies (and also meat) and then freezing them so you’ll have your healthy ingredients ready to cook.

Having what you need at hand will help you to keep a healthy diet and avoid eating out too often.

have a quick tidy up

Do you make piles of clothes and papers during the week? Then, you have to do a quick tidy up.

You don’t have to clean your whole house or do all your house chores if you don’t have time or if you want to enjoy your weekend by doing other things.

Simply reorganize and declutter the places you use the most so that you will start the new week fresh and stress-free.

Avoid stressful situation and people

Protect these precious days by avoiding stressful situations and try to spend them with the people you enjoy being with. 5 days are already enough.

Pamper yourself

Last but surely not the list, reward yourself for working hard 5 (or more) days by giving yourself a good pamper! Your beauty and health will benefit from it too.

As for the other tips in this article, you can definitely make this a good weekend activity to enjoy with your loved ones by organizing a DIY spa!


Happy weekend! You can both enjoy and make your weekend more productive by making these 2 days strategic for your coming week.

Start the new week rested, more organized, more beautiful and strong!

I hope you enjoyed this article and this blog! Check also my other posts for more ideas and inspirations on how to live smarter and not harder!

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 Keep shining!




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  1. Hana
    6 March 2017 at 1:17 pm

    Hey Lea, really good advice! Prepping my outfits is simple and something I never thought of doing… while I do it on the workweek, not during the weekend. xx

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