It’s easy to get mentally tired when working long sessions or studying for long hours. Even if you want to keep going, you feel like going nowhere as you just get more tired. What to do then?

Have breaks.

The Pomodoro technique works really well because it sets short breaks every 25 minutes of work and a longer break of 15 minutes after 5 sets of work and short breaks. It respects the natural functioning of our brain maximizing its power.

So, what can you do during these breaks so you can make the most of your resting time and start strong all over again? Read on and find it out 🙂

Firs of all, change environment

First thing, open the window to refresh the air in your working space and then leave the room.

Give your mind a rest by changing your setting. Go to another room or go outsides and do something else unrelated to your work. It’s changing activity that gives rest to your mind.

Then try and alternate these things:

1. go for a walk anytime the weather is good

Walking outsides in a sunny day is one of the best things you can do to re-energize yourself. Walking will get your blood flow, going outsides will oxygenate your brain and the Sun will boost your mood.

2. have a short nap

Nap for 15/20 minutes and your brain will be more rested and sharp afterward. Remember to set an alarm and don’t go over the 20 minutes as it will be harder to wake up and it will make you more groggy.

3. talk with someone about other things you enjoy

Talking with someone you enjoy the company with will distract you and it will make you feel better.

4. watch short funny videos

If you don’t work a lot with your computer, you can refresh your mind by watching something funny. If it gives you big laughs, it’s even better!

5. do some physical exercise

Do a mild exercise like gymnastic, pilates, stretching or have a short and mild run. Avoid harder physical activities as they can wear you out even more.

6. listen to an audiobook or a podcast

Close your eyes, or drink your favorite tea while listening to your favorite audiobook for a super relaxing break.

7. play with a zen garden

With a Zen Garden, you can draw on the sand, arrange pretty stones and objects, you can create infinite worlds! Make this experience more unique by involving also your tactile senses by using your fingers.

8. Color or doodle

Coloring and doodling are great activities for mental recreation. Read PAPER THERAPY: 10 THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH PAPER FOR YOUR MENTAL PEACE for more 🙂

9. listen to natural sounds or classical music

Natural sounds like tweeting birds or the jungle, the sounds of the water or thunders, and the sound of the whales can be very relaxing. Another alternative is to listen to classical music. I personally rediscovered it through contemporary artists like Yiruma, The Piano Guys, and Lindsey Stirling.

 10. play with your pet(s)

I like watching our fantail goldfishes (this is the only kind of pet we are allowed to have ;D) swimming elegantly in our aquarium. It’s so calming and hypnotic.

If you have any pet, caress them or play with them during your breaks.

11. smell flowers or a citrus fruit

As for the music, try to involve all your other senses. Smell something good like fresh flowers, or burn a soy candle or some essential oil on an essential oil diffuser.

You can also try to smell a citrus fruit peel to wake up your mind 🙂

12. eat something you like

No brainer. Eating something you like will make you feel good and happy instantly! Keep your treats small and instead of just devouring it, taste it slowly to savor all the tastes.


These are simple ideas you can try to help your mind to have a break and relax during long working hours.

This is the secret: do something else unrelated to your work and involve all your senses.

I hope you found this article helpful 🙂 If you did, please show me some love and support by clicking the buttons below, repining and sharing it with your friends. Thank you!


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2 Responses

  1. Lucie
    20 May 2017 at 8:06 am

    This is a very nice and inspirational post! I kinda feel I need breaks between my study hours because then I’m completely exhausted. And it’s not good for my body. I like the idea of a zen garden. I’ve actually never seen it but it sounds quite relaxing and stress-relieving. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Lucie |

    • 24 May 2017 at 8:05 pm

      I believe that being a student is one of the toughtest occupation among all, studying is hard! Try the zen garden and tell me if it works for you 😉 God bless your studies! I’m under exams too! 🙂

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