I believe paper is one of man’s greatest inventions!

I know, we have phones, tablets, computers, digital boards and we will create even more things in the future, so why should we keep using paper? Because writing on paper and reading a book will always be a totally different experience.

I personally love journals, planners, notepads, drawing albums, and note cards! The uniqueness of handwriting and hand drawing is something that digital technology can’t fully integrate.

Another thing that I love about hand writing is that its physical action is also therapeutic. It’s like externalizing your thoughts and emotions, making them come concrete in the physical world as they come out your mind onto paper.

So, here are 10 things you can do with paper that will give you more mental and emotional peace!

To-do lists

This is a classic. Writing your to-dos is essential not only for your productivity but also for your mental peace.

Have you noticed that when you force yourself to remember things you feel anxious or stressed out? Write down all the things you need to do or remember and your mind will be quieter and at peace.

Besides having a daily to-do list, make a weekly, monthly and yearly to-do.

Dreams and Goals Journal

Allow yourself to dream. We are dreaming creatures, it’s within our nature to dream and we suffer if we suppress it.

Keep a dream journal where you can let your dreams express themselves through writing and images.

Never allow reality to stop you from dreaming. Remember that any dream can be fulfilled at some degree 🙂


Mindfulness Journal

Get a journal or notebook that you like and keep it as your Mindfulness Journal. You can write everything you want and feel to write.

You can either keep one notebook for everything, or divide what you write into categories and keep them in different notebooks or in a binder with dividers. I like to use a spiral notebook with holes so I can organize the pages in a ring binder afterward.

These are two ideas of categories you can divide your Mindfulness Journal into, but you can definitely add more and also insert your Dreams and Goals Journal.

1. Brain dump journal

Our minds are a never-ending source of thoughts that need a cleaning and a reorder every now and then. You can’t erase your thoughts, but writing them down helps you to “dump” these thoughts from floating around and distracting you.

After a good brain dump session, you’ll have a calmer heart and mind 🙂

2. Decision-making and Mind Mapping Journal

When making difficult choices, I like to write and analyze the situation on paper. It is so therapeutic and liberating!

How can you analyze a situation?

  1. describe the situation
  2. identify the cons
  3. identify the pros
  4. find your possible decisions and their possible consequences
  5. make a mindful decision based on your analysis

Of course, not all decisions can be made only in a rational way, but doing this will definitely help you in most decision making situations.

For more, you can read my other article on HOW TO FIND CLARITY AND MAKE RIGHT DECISIONS.

Journaling books

If you want to start journaling but you don’t know how, there are asewome books and journals you can find online. Check these and see wich one you like the most. I love them both!

52 Lists for Happiness

52 lists of Happiness is a weekly journal with beautiful pages you can write on. Writing lists is the easiest way you can journal and brain dump, anyone can do it! What I love about this is also the fact that it has a call to action at the end of each list so that you can actually work on yourself and your life. It’ a great gift to give to anyone important to you and that you want to impress.

Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling

This is a little bit more challenging and deep, but also more fun! If you journal already and you want something that will push you a little bit further with exercises that will help you to change and grow, this book is for you! You won’t regret buying it!


This is a must! Planning is the best thing you can do to live an effective life. You can’t plan everything, but you can plan most of everything. Planning is not controlling the future but is having a map that will guide you into trying to get the most out of your life. It will save you time, money and efforts.

How many times I didn’t plan my day and at the end of it I realized that I wasted time and opportunities? Time is not redeemable, so don’t waste your hours, days, months or even years as they won’t come back.

There are many kinds of planners. I suggest starting with a classic daily spread journal (the cheapest one you can find) as you can experiment and scribble all over it or try a Bullet Journal. Then, after you understand what works better for you and after you developed a habit of planning you can upgrade and try other kinds of planners.

These are my favorite ones for their effectiveness and simplicity. The Panda planner and the Action day planner both help you to plan your days, set your goals and keep track of them. It’s like having a coach always at hand 🙂 And this study planner is a must have for every student. I wish I had one when I was in high school or when I started college!


Adult Coloring

This has been such a hit lately, and for good reasons!

Coloring is so relaxing and fun, plus there are beautiful illustrations that you can frame and use as small pieces of art.

Doodling and lettering

I personally love doodling. It is as calming as coloring, but you can do it with just a pen and a piece of paper. I also like to use colorful pens and gel pens 😉

You don’t have to create a piece of art, but who knows what will come out?

Doodling should be something simple as scribbling on a piece of paper, but if you want to refine your drawing skills and learn how to hand letter more gracefully you can check the books that I reccoment at the bottom 🙂

 Love notes to leave around and to give to others

Write pretty notes with inspirational and positive words and give them away. Writing positive notes will make you feel better as you were the one to receive them. You can give them to your loved ones, or to strangers! Leave them anywhere you go, from the bus seat when you’re getting down, to the coffee shop, or stick them on bus stops or public bathroom doors. The sky is the limit! Or maybe not 😉

We have to share love everywhere we go, and in doing this, we can make someone’s day without even knowing it!

I absolutely love the idea of these cards to color! You’ll give not only a special message but a small piece of art, and you’ll have fun coloring them! They’ll never forget you for making their day special 🙂

5 Years Journal

This is a journal with all the days of the year divided into 5 sections that are the five years that you’ll be using it. Every year you’ll see what you’d written years before, wich is so cool!

The only downside for writing lovers is that you can write only a few sentences as the space is very small. In this case, you can always DIY it!

Use any regular notebook and divide the pages according to your likeness. You can then create more or less space and divide the page into as many years as you want. You can make a 2, 3 or 4 years journal. If you use a regular notebook, you can make a 4 years journal by dividing two pages into 4 sections so you have enough and even space to write in.


Who said that you can use paper only for writing or drawing? You can also create beautiful sculptures!

When creating an origami, you have to be very precise and focused. The process of cutting and folding neatly and precisely is very therapeutic. You can create animals, flowers, boxes and many other things!


Paper and writing are treasures we often overlook and that we should appreciate more. Rediscover the beauty and the fun of hand writing.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I personally can’t live without a piece of paper and a pen. If you did enjoy this article, please show me some love and appreciation by repining and sharing it with the world. It would really mean a lot to me!

Ps. Even though I like paper so much, I’m also a nature lover. Don’t waste paper, recycle and anytime you can try to use recycled ones. Let’s all take care of our environment! 😉



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6 Responses

  1. Jasmine Hunt
    27 February 2017 at 2:09 pm

    I absolutely love these suggestions! I’m always writing in a notebook and I must admit it really helps to get your mind at peace! I’m gonna try the mind dumping technique I’ve never thought of that!

    Jasmine 🙂

    • 27 February 2017 at 2:41 pm

      I’m glad you liked it! Yes, write your mind out 😉

  2. Leti
    28 February 2017 at 7:12 pm


    A notebook is your best friend! I always carry a notebook with me and I always find myself using it for everything. I am a notebook addict I think, so now I have been trying to reduce the number of notebooks I have using apps, for example. However, to carry a notebook it´s okay. I will always carry a notebook with me.


    Leti | Blackco

    • 28 February 2017 at 10:31 pm

      Me too! I have a Filofax and inside I have another notebook for ideas and thoughts, I can’t leave home without it 😉

  3. vicki
    7 August 2017 at 1:00 am

    Such an inspiration for me. Thanks for the suggestions.

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