Do you always struggle to maintain healthy habits? Do you want to know how you can be healthier the easy way?  Or maybe you think that you don’t have enough time to adopt a healthy lifestyle?

If you think that being healthy is a hard thing to do, you are in the right place! Living healthy shouldn’t be that difficult, and here I’m going to share with you easy ways you can embrace healthier habits. Enjoy!


trash all junk food and soft drinks

trash all junk food

First of all, take some time (even just 30 mins) to clean and detox your home from any junk food. Get rid of any unhealthy temptation and trigger!

Rule of thumb to detox your pantry and your diet: remove any chips bag, snack, soft drink, alcohol and avoid or limit white sugar, white bread, white pasta, potatoes, and white rice. Rather replace soft drinks with lemon water, fruit infused water, fresh juices, honey lemonade and teas, and prefer whole grain cereals.

learn how to do the grocery

Now, you can fill your home with healthy food! Find easy recipes and inspiration for healthy meals, and make a shopping list based on them for your grocery. This will help you to stay focus and avoid wandering and buying things you should not.

drink green tea instead of water

green tea

A great way to boost your health is by drinking green tea on a regular basis. An easy way to do this is to simply replace water with green tea! Since Japanese and Chinese people drink it with every meal, this is also one of the reasons they’re able to stay fit and have a long life despite being heavy smokers.

Green tea is great for losing weight, detox your body, boost your immunity system, prevent cancer and much more! I get a cold quite easily in winter, but there was a time that I used to drink green tea all the time, I noticed that that year I was slimmer, I didn’t get a cold much often and I had a healthier skin 🙂

The best way to brew green tea and keep all its benefits, is by using a good quality loose leaf tea and brew it the Japanese way or just infuse it with cold/room temperature water (use glass bottles and allow more steeping time). The tea made these ways is naturally sweet so you won’t need any sweetener that can alter its properties.

To brew loose green tea leaves you can use a pot or a cup with an open infuser like these

How to brew the best green tea:

  1. heat the water but don’t bring it to boil, when you start to see bubbles coming up you can take it off
  2. pour the water into the pot or cup and leave it until it’s warm
  3. pour the water from the pot into your cup(s) or from the cup you’ll use into another container
  4. put a teaspoon of leaves in your pot or a half teaspoon for one cup with the infuser, pour some of the warm water and let it steep for just 10-15 seconds to wash it quickly, then drain
  5. this time fill your pot or main cup with the water and let the tea steep for 2-3 minutes, the longer the steeping time and the hotter the water, the stronger and bitter it will taste
  6. you can reuse the tea leaves 2 or 3 times depending the steeping time and the quality of tea. I always find the second batch to taste the best. For following batches skip the washing step, you can also skip the warming step of the cup and pot  by controlling the water temperature.

I know, this sounds so much work but I have to share with you this technique as the tea made this way tastes amazing! If you don’t have much time, just brew the normal way but be careful the water it’s not too hot and just let it steep it for maximum 3 minutes. You can also use tea bags but they’ll never taste like the loose leaf tea as I always find them tasteless or sourer.

Other easy ways to use the properties from green tea, is by taking supplements or mixing matcha tea with your smoothies or milk. Nevertheless, making a tea is much cheaper and it is very pleasant especially in winter (I love warming my hands with the warm mug and pot!).

Green tea hack: buy a glass bottle with a strainer to keep your green tea with you anywhere. When you are not sure of the safety of the water just make a tea! Just boil the water, let it cool a little bit and use it to brew some good, sanitized and healthy green tea!

walk and climb the stairs

walk every day

Who said you have to spend money on a gym? The best way to keep yourself not only fit but healthy in a soft and easy way is by walking! Walk at fast pace at least 20-30 mins every day and make it a part of your normal life. When you go to work you can park your car a little further to have a little walk every day.

Walking is good for your heart, bones, muscles, for your mind and for your wallet!

Another good exercise you can do for free and on a normal basis is climbing the stairs. Next time ditch the elevator and the escalator to climb the stairs instead!

Lazy exercise hack: walk at a fast pace every day and climb the stairs. You can climb the stairs running or with your natural speed making sure to fully extend your leg when you lift your body (I hope it make sense to you 😉 ) to excercise also your butt muscles.

Do the 7 minutes workout

Lazy people, this 7 minutes workout is all the workout you need! This is proven to be effective in making you slimmer and healthier, and everyone has 7 minutes in a day 😉

keep a bottle of water under your eyes


Water is your best friend! If you’re like me that struggle in drinking more fluids, just keep a glass or a bottle within your eyesight and in your bag to trigger you into drinking more.

use honey instead of sugar

Whenever you can, substitute any sweetener for honey and use brown sugar instead of white sugar.

cook and eat simpler food

eat simpler food

Avoid complicated recipes for special occasions and simplify your everyday diet as much as you can. The fewer the ingredients and the less time your meal takes to cook, the healthier it is. Go for raw veggies, white meat, lean meat, and fish.

Cook your food by boiling and pan frying them, lower your use of salt and add flavor by using yogurt sauces, sesame oil (love it!), tahini, garlic (try them roasted and chopped on top of your dishes), herbs and spices.

mix veggies with your food

If you’re not a vegetable lover, just try to incorporate them into your dishes. Mix them either in meatballs, smoothies, pasta, and blended soups. A very tasty way to raw eat veggies is to make veggie sticks and try different healthy sauces and dips. Try this Avocado Ranch dip , Greek Yogurt Ranch dip , and Greek Tzatziki dip recipes!

Replace sweets with fruits


If you have a sweet tooth, go for fruits and fruit based sweets. Avoid any kind of chocolate that is not black chocolate, rich creams and fillings.

Use your favorite fruits to make smoothies, crumbles, frozen yogurt, add them to oatmeals, crepes etc. Have fun in finding and trying new recipes!

Thumb rule for your sweet cravings: go for sweets with fewer and simple ingredients like fresh cheese, honey, fruits, nuts, dry fruits and avoid heavy and rich creams, milk chocolate, white chocolate, and any processed foods in general.

use raw olive oil or sesame oil instead of butter

Olive oil and sesame oil are wonderful for your health and they add flavor to your dishes. I use olive oil on salads, fish, pasta, anything! I love sesame oil for its sweet and nutty flavor that is very unique, I add a dash of it to it to rice and meat. Experiment with them and substitute butter with vegetable oils whenever possible.

Eat white meat and fish instead of red meat

Prefer chicken breast, turkey, lean meat and fish above hamburgers, sausages, and fat meats.

reward yourself with something you love

reward yourself

Finally, once in a while enjoy what you love and reward yourself for your efforts in staying healthy!

Good job! 😀


Whenever possible, prefer a healthier choice than the average one. It can be a healthier food or drink, or any chance to do something good for yourself like walking in the park on a sunny day 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this article and got some useful ideas. If you did, you can show your appreciation and love by repining this post and clicking the buttons below! Do you know other easy ways to live healthier? Please share your beautiful thoughts with me and the world!

Stay healthy and happy!

Xoxo, Lea.

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