3 Simple time management hacks that work when nothing else does

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Although we all know the importance of time and time management, not all of us is successful in doing it.

If you feel like you have tried everything without success, here are 3 tips and tools that will help you to better manage your time and develop more discipline in time management.

So, these are 3 foolproof hacks to manage your time like a boss!

1. Use a daily spread with a time schedule and keep it as simple as possible

The most effective tool you can use to plan your daily activities is a daily spread with a time schedule. A daily spread allows you to be more realistic about the time you have in one day and how much time a task requires.

This is how you can plan your day effectively:

a. list all the things you have to do for that day breaking all projects in smaller tasks

b. order them by priority and keep only three big/hard tasks per day

c. estimate how much time you need to do them (Extra tip: track these activities and record them on a cheat sheet you’ll use for reference for future planning).

d. time block your activities and schedule them in the daily spread

For these reasons, don’t use a Bullet Journal or a To-do list for daily planning, as they don’t allow you to have a realistic overview of your time.

Keep your daily page simple and don’t be afraid to mess it. If you like using stickers and decorations, keep them only for your Journal. Decorating is fun but it can take you a lot of time and distract you from the main goal, wich is executing your tasks!

2. Use alarms to divide your day

Use alarms to record your schedule and remind you of when you have to go to the next activity. Your alarms will become your personal secretary!

A few examples: you can set an alarm when you have to leave home (better if 10/15 mins before), when you have to start cooking, when you have to clean the house and when you have to turn off your phone and computers an hour before going to sleep.

Extra tip: record your own voice with the task to complete and use it as your alarm ring. You can just say “it’s work-out time” or make it as personal and fun as you want!

3. Use a timer

Use a timer to set a time for any activity.

Although we would like to work on a task till we make it perfect, this very focus on perfectionism can delay and refrain us from being productive in concrete ways. So give yourself enough time to work on a task and then stick to it.

Set also a time limit to your breaks, so you won’t procrastinate or lose track of time when you’re on YouTube of Facebook 😉

You can use your phone, but I’d prefer to use a physical timer that I can keep anywhere without draining my phone battery and set it quickly, as this one that has a direct time setting.


Are you ready to regain (almost) total control of your time?

This is the formula for easy time management: be realistic about the time you have available and the time you need to complete your tasks + plan your day to strategize your activities and keep focused on what is important +  set a time limit to balance all your activities.


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Keep shining!



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