Look around.

Our world is not a fairy tale, right?

People are hungry and dying. There are children that can’t go to school, don’t have any medical help, and don’t even have the luxury to dream. There’s human trafficking, exploitation and so on. Even our natural environment is getting sicker and sicker. We have Climate Change, Air and Water Pollution, Melting Glaciers and more and more problems.

Where are we going? What are we going to give to our children and to the next generations?

Can we do anything or do we just have to surrender and be passive?

We can, we should and we have to do something.

Do you want to help other people? Do you want to feel helpful in this sick world? Do you want to bring a smile to someone who needs a smile more than you do?

Start from yourself.

I really believe in Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote “Be the change you wish to see in the World”.

Everything starts from the individuals.

If everyone would shine his or her light, the whole world would be enlightened from within.

If each one of us would do our part into bringing something good in our society we would see improvements each day.

This may sound odd, but you don’t have to be someone special or do huge things to be seen on tv or in the newspaper. It doesn’t mean to give up a comfortable life either.

To bring a change to this world, live your life to the fullest by being a better version of yourself every day and by being an example for others. Do what you know is right regardless of what other people may think or do. Be the difference to what is the “average normality”.

How can you start a change in the world?

Start from yourself, from your home. Teach your kids how to live with respect for others and the environment, to be generous and kind, to have a passion for justice but also to have grace and to forgive.

Have a positive influence over the people around you, help others and don’t be selfish and narrow-minded. Be curious about the world, about other cultures and people.

Don’t put walls, and don’t be immovable on prejudices. Things can be totally different from what you expected.

Never be afraid to share, there is enough for everyone and what you give will come back to you a hundred folds.

It is so easy to start a change, let’s start it now 🙂

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