What is something that almost any woman have in common? We love shopping!

We like pretty things, new things, different versions of the same things…. Name it!

And we have these scenarios every day. We go to work and on our way, there are rows of stores with beautiful showcases or stands. Or we want to hang out with our girlfriends and we end up going to malls!

Temptations to spend are everywhere!

This is the truth about women and spending: we spend more than what we should, we buy things we don’t need.

Well, as smart girls we should spend with wisdom too, right? Let’s see how we can shop smarter and save money, shall we? Enjoy!


When cheap is not always a bargain

Many times we do wrong purchases in excess, but also in penny-pinching. This is what I mean: we buy things that are cheap believing that we are saving money when we actually don’t.

I used to do this, especially with clothes and, girl, I was so wrong! I ended up overloading my wardrobe with things I didn’t like, that didn’t fit me and that I never used! They were cheap, but they still cost me some money I wasted, and in the big picture all that stuff would have made a good saving today.

The key is to learn what is worth what amount of money, where to save and where to invest more for a better quality and good style.


Save in: trendy clothes.

Fashion trends change drastically every year. This is a marketing strategy to push us to buy always new things, but it is such a waste of money and material. Avoid buying or splurging on crazy trends you don’t feel. Understand if you just want to follow the trend or if you really love that piece.

Invest in: basic clothes.

These are evergreens, mixable and will stand time (my mom still has a few vintage pieces she bought when she was young 😉 ). Invest more money in good quality basic pieces and learn how to style them. You don’t need many of them and a piece or two per item of clothing will do.


Save in: trendy or season themed pieces.

Same way as for clothes. If it’s an IN piece but you know that this style won’t last or you’re not crazy about, spend less. The same if it’s a season inspired piece (like flowers or butterflies or snowflakes). Cheaper jewelry will last only for the season as they will tend to rust easily.

Invest in: good quality and classical pieces.

Spend more if you know that you’ll keep wearing them and that they can go with most of your outfits. Of course, you can invest in pieces in shapes or styles that are meaningful for you.


Save in: Bags for show (for accasions or in styles different from yours)

If you have special occasions or theme styles, and you need a bag in a specific style or color just for that situation, then go for cheaper prices.

Invest in: a good everyday and versatile bag.

Invest in a bag you know you’ll use every day and that, again, can go with all your outfits. It has to be sturdy, cute and possibly lightweight and comfortable.

I used to suffer from back pain because I used to carry shoulder bags made with heavy materials and with metal things on them, now I’m only using backpacks and I’m considering buying a Kipling backpack or something similar in the future. Give more love to your back by giving it less weight to carry!


Save in: makeup products.

In this case, I’m not saying to just buy cheaper products. Instead, don’t buy only for their brands, especially from luxury brands.

Unless your skin can only tolerate that specific product, try to find less expensive alternatives that are still of good quality. There are very good ones (sometimes they’re even better than the ones from famous names), especially the environmentally friendly. Today, many small brands that have organic and ethical products at an affordable price are emerging, so do some researches on what is available in your country.

Research also on the ingredients and read reviews of beauty products you’re considering buying.

Invest in: skin care.

Focus on this. Instead of spending more on makeup, try to focus on investing more money in having a good skin. This means good skin care products and a dermatologist if you have skin issues you can’t fix by yourself. Still, don’t buy only for brand names.

With a good skin, you can skip makeup altogether.


Invest in: comfortable shoes.

Have a few pairs of good shoes that you’ll use the most and that are comfortable. You don’t need many pairs of trainers or heels, you’ll end up using the same ones anyways.

So, be practical. Have only a few pairs of high heels that are really comfy for your feet, and choose the right colors that go with anything you have. For heels, go for plateaus, chunky heels, and neutral colors.

More clothes pieces to invest in

Winter coat and boots

For very cold climates consider investing in a good, warm winter jacket and boots that you’ll use each winter.

Convertible bras and seamless underwear in your skin color

Buy some nude bras that can go with any tops (I always have issues when wearing white shirts) that have removable straps and that have a smooth texture (avoid thick laces).

Seamless nude underwear are amazing! They are invisible in any fitting pants or skirts.

Good pairs of jeans

Invest in a few good quality pairs of jeans. The ones that are cheaper are too thin and they go out of shape after a few wearings. Check the composition and the texture of the fabric, they should be made mostly of cotton.


Ask yourself “Do I love it?”

This is a tip I actually heard first from Mimi Ikonn (click here, she also made other videos on how to know your color palette, I cover this below). It is really useful, as asking yourself this question will stop you from buying something you will probably use only a few times.


Wait a few days before buying something you think you like. What I do to be sure if I really like something, is by taking some time. I’d take a picture of it and see if after a few days I still want it. Many times I end up forgetting or not caring about it anymore.


It happened also that I would find something that I was looking for a long time. I would still take the time to question myself whether to buy it or not, but it happened that most of the time I would regret not buying it.


If it’s something you wanted for a long time and suddenly you find it and you still like it, buy it.


Check sales online.

Another great way to save something while shopping is to check online for discounts and special prices. Do this only if you know what you’re looking for, as it can be really tempting to buy stuff online (they’re really good at pictures), and when you’re looking for special brands.

Another helpful thing from the internet that can save you from doing wrong purchases, is the possibility to check the products’ reviews.

Learn your color palette and the silhouettes that suit your body shape.

Avoid buying clothes you won’t likely use by knowing the colors that suit your colors. On the Internet, there are color palettes and style charts you can save and keep on your phone for future consulting. Here’s an article on how to find your Color Season and your Color Palette, and these are other Mimi’s videos ( 1 and 2). Keep also a color matching guide and remember your favorite colors to be sure that what you buy will match what you already have.

Organize your closet and check what you already have

Check if you have too many pieces of similar things, and make a list of things not to buy because you already have them.

Know what you need

Go shopping knowing what to buy so you won’t waste time and money on other things you don’t need.

don’t go to malls and shopping centers just to pass some time

I used to hang out with my girlfriends to shopping malls for window shopping. If you don’t have to buy anything, don’t go! You’ll be just tempted.

Now, I still go sometimes but I learned how to control myself. I go only a few times for inspirations or to survey my favorite shops for future buys.

Don’t stop at any stall market you see

As before, when you go to cheap places don’t buy just because they’re cheap. The rule of asking yourself if you love it is still valid. I have so many things I bought but I don’t use much because they’re too complicated to wear or I don’t like them very much. On the other hand, I had bought good basic pieces and bags on stall markets. So, just use good sense 😉


To shop successfully, have a plan!


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What do you like shopping and can’t resist buying? I love backpacks! They’re so comfortable and I can keep anything I need with ease 🙂


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