My story with natural remedies

When I was 11 years old I started to have skin problems with acne. It was very embarrassing for me but my mum wouldn’t bring me to a dermatologist or buy me medical products as she believed that I was too young to use them and that it was normal for my age. As a result, I started to look for other solutions and do my own research to learn how to take care of my skin on my own.

Since then, I’ve been obsessed with natural beauty remedies and health care. I would buy books and magazines (that time I didn’t have a computer or Internet connection at home) and later, spend hours online researching on this subject. I started to experiment on myself and, since then, I’ve tried almost anything you can find online. Some worked, some other didn’t.

In the mean time, during this journey, I’ve learned so many things about skin health (and health in general) and things about the beauty industry. I also started to make my own skin care products like face creams, toners, lip balms and masks ( I’ll make other posts on these, so keep tuned if you’re interested 😉 ). All this in my teen years, I was a weird girl for my age!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have the flawless skin you can see in commercials, it’s actually quite the opposite. I still have some bad breakouts, especially when I’m stressed and when I’m hormonally imbalanced, and I have acne scars I’m still battling with. Moreover, these tips won’t do miracles.

But what I’m going to share with you really help me in managing these breakouts, help me heal my skin faster and achieve a fairer complexion. And if you already have a healthy skin, these natural remedies will help you to keep a glowing and healthy skin.

So, here are my top beauty secrets! Try them and let me know which one works best for you!

Be a Natural Beauty!

Beauty gifts from Nature

Nature is beautiful, and all things are originally found in Nature. I  believe that the Creator knew what we would need, so He created a self-sustainable Earth. Medicines and beauty products are made from natural things, soo, why shouldn’t we go directly to the source?

1. Honey

Honey is a natural antibacterial and it’s packed with nutrients that are beneficial to the skins.

All skin types can benefit from it, especially acne prone skins. It has also a mild whitening effect that is good if you have dark spots.

You can use it as a mask that works also as a natural skin cleanser.

For beauty purposes, you can use the cheapest ones sold in the supermarket as higher quality ones can irritate skin. Apply it on dry skin and leave it as long as you can. You can use it every day. I used to apply honey on my face two times a day with great results.

2. clay

Clay is a wonderful cleaning agent and remineralizer. It cleanses your pores by absorbing excess oil and dirt that can clog them. In exchange, it gives its own minerals. It takes the bad and gives the good, amazing right?

You can use it as a face pack. It is suitable for any type of skin, but because of its strong absorbent property, you can add other ingredients that suit your skin better.

The basic recipe is to mix clay with water and a few drops of oil of your choice, so it won’t dry your skin too much. Keep it for a maximum of 15 mins and don’t let it dry completely, as it can be too drying and irritate your skin making it produce even more oil. Gentleness is key.

You can variate the recipe by adding other ingredients like milk, honey, and a drop of an essential oil of your choice.

A beauty secret you may not know is that you can use it as a face powder, especially if you have oily skin like mine. Reuse or buy a loose powder container and be careful to not inhale it as it can be very dusty. As for me, no brand powder beats it for my oily skin, especially in summer.

Buy a big pack like this, this is the same thing you can find in fancier packages that are sold at a more expensive price.

3. Tea tree oil

This is a must in any home! It’s antibacterial, antifungal and effective against almost any skin problem (it is effective even for herpes labialis and insects bites), it is especially useful also for wounds and burns.

For beauty, nothing beats tea tree oil in making a pimple disappear! So, keep always a bottle at home and a smaller one in your beauty bag!

The most effective and simple ways you can use it for your skin is to make a basic toner or face gel.

  • To make the toner: just add a few drops of the oil to a small bottle of water and shake it every time you’re using it.
  • To make the gel: mix a drop of tea tree oil with some aloe vera gel.

Remember that essential oils are very strong, so use only a few drops mixed with a base.

Try this one.

4. aloe vera gel

It’s one of the best natural moisturizers for the skin. It smoothes and helps the skin to regenerate, it has anti-inflammatory and slightly antibacterial properties.

Do you want to make a face moisturizer perfect for your skin? This is the recipe: a zit of aloe vera gel + a few drops of oil of your choice + a drop pf an essential oil of your choice

Aloe vera gel is also famous as a natural remedy for hair loss. Massage it unto your scalp and leave it as long as you can, then wash your hair as usual.

5. rice flour

For ages, besides dietary purposes, rice has been used for beauty purposes by Asian women. We should rediscover its beauty benefits.

It nourishes, soothes, heals irritations and slightly lightens the skin.

Rice flour has been by far the best natural face scrub for me. It is much gentler than store bought products, and it’s so cheap!

Use rice flour to scrub your face very gently once or maximum twice a week, then apply your moisturizer.

6. oatmeal

I learned this tip from Bubzbeauty. You can use it as a natural face wash or mask.

I really like to use oatmeal as a face wash, especially in the morning when I don’t need to wash off makeup. It moisturizes and soothes my skin.

You just need to mix some oatmeal with water, but my favorite way to use it is to mix it with a little bit of milk and use it as a face mask.

7. milk

Milk is another favorite of mine. If you have to choose only one tip, then take this as it is the simplest one and you can find it in any home.

  • You can use it as a face detergent: just wet a cotton pad with some milk and wipe your face. You’ll be surprised how dark it will turn out.
  • You can add it to your face masks: I like to use it as an ingredient for my face masks (oatmeal or clay) because I often have dark spots and I found that milk has a strong whitening property (when I wash off any face mask made with milk, the skin around my eyes is alway darker than the rest of the face, if so funny and weird!) 
  • Use it as a hair pack on its own or added to other hair packs: another beauty secret that not many people know, is to use milk as a hair pack! As milk is made of proteins, it’s the natural and (much) cheaper version of the expensive protein masks that you can buy from a salon. You can definitely use also powder milk for this purpose if you want, and mix it with a natural conditioner. 

This is my favorite (natural) protein hair mask recipe: 5 spoons of fresh milk ( or 2/3 spoons of powder milk ) + 1 egg yolk (or whole egg) + 1 spoon of olive oil + a few drops of natural fragrance/essence


8. Natural oils

Oils are very versatile. You can use them as a hair pack, makeup remover,  to strengthen and add shine to your nails, and as a moisturizer for your body and face.

Did you know that you can just use the ones you can find in the supermarket or Asian stores? They’re as good as the ones you buy from beauty brands, the only difference is the scent and the price! If you want to make fancier oils you can add some vitamin E (that will also preserve your oil from going bad) and a few drops of essential oils that you like to add scent and special properties.

  • Use vegetable oil as a face moisturizer: choose the right oil and mix a drop or two of it with a small squeeze of aloe vera gel. You can add more depending on the dryness of your skin, but remember to start small so you won’t end up with a greasy face.
  • Use it as a body moisturizer: apply oil to your skin after a bath or shower when it’s still wet, or just wet your skin before. The function of the oil in moisturizers is to lock the moisture inside your skin, it’s the water and not the oil that gives moisture. If you just apply them on dry skin it will further dry it.
  • For your hair: you can use a few drops to add shine and control frizziness. Try if it works better on dry hair or wet for you. As for your face, start small so you won’t end up with greasy hair. For hair packs, as for the body, mix the oil with something else or wet your hair a little bit before applying it (for the same principle above).

To wrap everything up!

Nature has provided us with what we need. Be smart and see if you should spend that 20 or 30 bucks on the latest advertised product, or just find a natural alternative that works just as fine or maybe even better!

A natural beauty is always better and healtier!


Please try these tips and let me know.

Did you enjoy this article? Did you find new beauty secrets useful to you? If yes, you can support me and my blog by clicking the buttons below, repining and sharing this article with your friends 🙂 Thank you!

Stay beautiful and healthy!

Love, Lea <3

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