Are you looking for opportunities?

What if you can be the one that creates them or attracts them?

We often don’t realize that opportunities are anywhere andd that many times we just let them go or even push away.

What if instead, we welcome and attract them to come to us?

When you go to interviews I’m sure you dress well, act nicely, do all you can to present your best image.

Although, you may not recognize that good opportunities can also come in the most unexpected way and moment.

Don’t let yourself be caught off guard!

And this is how you can do it.

This is the key: invest in yourself

Think of it this way: You are your living business card!

Anywhere and anytime, people are seeing you and what you are showing them. You are the one who’s presenting yourself.

So, how can you present yourself the best way?

1. Be healthy and take care of your image


Start by taking care of your health and your image.

Your worth is not based on your appearance, yet, that’s the first thing people see. Always make an effort to look good and put together, you never know who you will meet on the street 😉

Taking care of your image will also make you more confident, and that’s the kind of person opportunities follow.

Start to adopt healthy habits and having a healthy body, and dress well every time you go out or you’re with people.

2. Widen your knowledge

widen your knowledge

Have a hunger for knowledge as your knowledge is your treasure. Be curious about the world, research, discover new things.

Knowing many things will make you also interesting to others yet, don’t be the “I know it all” person.

3. Develop relational skills

This was really hard for me at first as I’m an introvert person. So, I took this as a challenge for me to grow.

Talk to people, start conversations or just compliment them. It may feel awkward at first but with practice, it will get easier and easier and as a result, you’ll develop this skill too!

Oddly, another important relational skill to develop and that extrovert people often have to deal with, is to really listen to the other person when its their turn to speak.

4. Cultivate peace, love, and positivity

People want to be around positive people. Nobody wants to hire or be around someone who’s always unpleasant or negative.


Do everything in love and avoid fights  and arguments in the public as much as you can. By doing this, people will be naturally attracted to you.

If you are a negative person: start breaking this habit.

Change any negative thought into a positive one as soon as they come to your mind. If you have negative friends, tell them to change too. If they don’t want, spend lesser time with them and start surrounding yourself with positive people as your companies influence you. Don’t let them ruin the positive attitude you’re building as they’ll keep dragging you down.  Hopefully, they will notice your change and they will want that too, but for now spend more time with positive people who can help you grow.

5. Practice excellence

Practice excellence in every area of your life.

How you perform can be both conscious or unconscious, so start developing excellence and make it your way of living. Start from the smallest things to bigger ones to build this habit.

When you do them the best way you can, people will notice how you work.  Not only potential bosses will see you as good material for a position or a promotion, but you’ll be trained to give your best at any job will come to you if you don’t have one yet.

6. Work with what you have now

Manage at the best of your abilities what you already have.

Be content with what you have now and make the most of them. No one will give you bigger responsibility if they see that you can’t manage what you already have.

7. Know your worth and be confident

be confident

Confidence attracts opportunities, but can you pay the price for it?

There’s a saying “fake it until you make it”. I don’t really believe it and this is why: confidence reflects your  value. This concept might make you look like you are confident, but it doesn’t necessarily make you a confident person. It’s just like a mask that doesn’t fit well, and when the wind comes, it’s just taken away.

True confidence is knowing your worth, and you can only pay the price by having that worth.

Work in becoming your better self and you’ll confidence will grow strong as a result of that.

Remember, everyone has value. Everyone has huge potential and no one is born to this world without it. Once you know your value and you’re confident in it, people will be attracted to you because they sense that there’s something special in you and, consequently, good opportunities will come to you.


The formula to become an opportunity magnet is this: be intentional in growing as a person and becoming your best self.

Maybe none of these things is easy to apply if it’s something new to you, but you can definitely develop them.

Do you have other tips and advice to share? Please, feel free to comment and share your beautiful thoughts with us 🙂

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Sending you much love!

Lea  <3


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