HOW TO CREATE A RESTING HEAVEN: and why you should have one

Close your eyes for a moment: imagine to come home after a busy day, walk in your beautiful cozy bedroom, take off your working clothes and shoes, jump on your bed and relax anyway you want….

How would it be? AMAZING, right?

Maybe your personal scenario is just the opposite. You walk in your home and you just want to run away!

A busy life doesn’t allow us to have a neat and tidy house all the time, but I really believe that our bedroom should feel welcoming when we come in.

Our bedrooms should be a sacred place where we feel safe, at ease and in peace.

Resting well is vital!

During the day we have to deliver our best to the world, but at the end of it, are we giving something to ourselves? Just giving to others and not taking care of yourselves is not a healthy and sustainable way of living. This is why it is important to love yourselves too, especially if other people are depending on you.

The best way you can love others is by loving yourself. You can’t give love to others if you don’t have it and you can only give little if you have little. But, if you have more you can give more!

Mommies and daddies (or anyone taking care of others), taking care of yourself is a way of loving your kids and other people too. If you are healthy and happy, it will expand to your surrounding.

How can you love yourself? By feeling good, by having a healthy body and mind and by having a safe place where you can recreate yourself, rest and find refuge.

So, create a room that is a safe place for you where you can recreate yourself, rest and find refuge.

Now, let’s make our own Resting Heaven!

A healthy place for your mind: declutter and clean your bedroom

Clutter is stressful for your eyes and consequently your mind.

1. Create open spaces by keeping your room minimal and simplify your room. Doing this will give your mind more space too.

2. You can trick your mind by hiding stuff in drawers or pretty boxes and leaving the visible surfaces plain and essential.

Create a calming environment: involve all your senses

3. Eliminate anything too stimulating, that reminds you of negative or stressful things. These could be work related things, memory tokens from past relationships or from stressful events.
Instead, replace them with objects that infuse you positivity, peace, and joy.

4. Choose soft colors over bold ones, like neutrals and pastel colors instead of red and dark colors.

5. Bring in some life by placing some plants.

6. Choose also things with softer shapes as they have a relaxing effect on your eyes.

7. Play calming sounds or music and burn natural candles or essences (to avoid to breathe chemicals).

8. Have a small (don’t go overboard 😉 ) plate with your favorite chocolates or treats.

When resting, involve all your senses.

Set boundaries: protect your resting nest.

Leave stress outside your bedroom.

9. Don’t work in there and dedicate it only for sleeping and relaxing activities.

10. During arguments, try to do it somewhere else so you won’t associate negative emotions to your room.

11. If you’re renting a room, or you have a small place, try to separate your workspace from resting space and don’t mix your activities in between them.

12. If possible, it would be best to keep technology and pets outside the bedroom too.

Dedicate and fill your bedroom with love, positivity and joy!

Investments you should consider making: have a good quality sleep.

13. A good bed

14. The right mattress

15. The right pillows

16. Good quality bedsheets.

It may sound silly to list even the bed, but some people have sofabeds in order to save more space.
It’s not the best of choices because it requires an extra effort to unfold it and fold it back in the morning. Can you imagine doing it every day? Going to rest should be something you can enjoy instead of giving you more work to do.
So, invest in a good bed if possible.

If you have space problems, try to make the most of it, maybe by setting a loft (I’ve always wanted the one from IKEA 😉 ).

It is very important to choose the right mattress and pillows. Your back and your neck have to sustain you your whole life so take good care of them.

A beauty bonus: you can try silk sheets or just a silk pillowcase to prevent wrinkles and hair friction that make your hair frizzy and tangled. For a “I woke up like this” mornings ladies 😉



The formula to create the perfect Resting Heaven is: simplify your space + involve your senses + eliminate negative vibe + attract and keep positive vibe + be comfortable


So now create your perfect bedroom and enjoy it!

Do you want to know how to enjoy your morning and win your day? Click here!

Dedication: dedicated to all the busy people, busy moms and busy dads that jungle between work, family, and other things. Remember to find time and space for rest!

Thank you, mom and dad, for all your sacrifices. For even giving up your personal space and bed for an uncomfortable sofa-bed in the living room. You deserve the most comfortable bed in the world!
We love you <3



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